The world seems like a happier place when…(Day 2)

After a year of my wedding, I finally tracked down what colour I was wearing on my lips, for which I had got quite a many compliments  ( :$ ). My wedding was a super rushed up affair, with one function in the morning, one in the afternoon, consequently making me super late for the parlour, and hence the main wedding ceremony which was to take place in the evening.. Hence I did not even have enough time to look in the mirror and notice that I was wearing a really pretty lip colour . I look quite weird in most shades of it was super important for me to track down which lipstick it was, and now I am finally the proud owner of it.

P.S. The shade was ‘Chilli’ by Mac.

And whats more, I am wearing that to office right now, and counting my fourth compliment!! Yayyyyyy!  🙂 🙂

Me, the bride..wearing Chilli! :)

Me, the bride..wearing Chilli! 🙂


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