The world seems like a happier place when… (Day 3)

Ok, so I LOVE animals..(part of the reason I am vegetarian), and seeing all the cruelty in the world against innocent animals, makes me want to do my bit, to negate the meanness in this world. So I help a local NGO, known as Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) , in Noida.

Yesterday we had organized the first ever ‘Volunteers Funday Sunday’. When I look at animal shelters in the developed countries of the world, I am super impressed with the state of art surgical equipment, the hygiene, the cleanliness..but in a developing country like India, where the injured animals are 10 times in number, and the funds are 1/10th,  its quite a different story. Only those who have no jobs (mostly illiterate people) work here. Its hard to find people with knowledge AND who have genuine compassion for animals to work at any shelter, the few ones that respect to them! Since in a place wherein you save EVERY penny, to be able to accommodate one more needy animal,  the salaries are meager.   Then again, we do not kill animals that come to a the number only keeps growing…..

Given that with SO many animals, there are often cases wherein the trauma and injury of the animal are neglected, we decided to get together on sundays, and spend time on EACH and EVERY animal, to ensure they were brushed, deticked etc. And among tears of seeing some animals, victims of abysmal cruelty by so called ‘human beings’ I came across a fascinating story, with a super happy ending.

A bitch lost all her pups and was super depressed. So she was trying her luck with this one particularly frail puppy, trying to adopt her, But the puppy..WASN’T INTERESTED!

A bitch who lost all her pups, frantically trying to woo the heart of this little mother less pup..who clearly wasnt interested..

A bitch who lost all her pups, frantically trying to woo the heart of this little mother less pup..who clearly wasn’t interested..

So what the bitch started doing was that she would pick this motherless pup up as soon as h ventured far away from her, near the company of us humans. This went on for about half hour, till the pup got so frustrated that he started howling at the top of his voice..He wanted to play with us, like we were playing with the rest of the puppies.

What happened next was UNBELIEVABLE. The bitch, realizing that the puppy was getting bothered by her, left her next to us, and starting crying..yes, we could hear her moan, and cry..she went through to each puppy in the park, and rejected one after another, each time looking back at this one pup in the picture above, who was busy playing with us, until….one little weakling came out of the puppy pen and tried to suckle onto her..and woah! there she was, with a brand new pup..she licked him, and pampered him and took the pup with her, to her comfy bed..

And GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.. the pup who was rejecting her earlier, clearly jealous now that the bitch had adopted a new pup, went running back after her!!

The pup, now looking for for the bitch who he had earlier rejected..!

The pup, now looking for for the bitch who he had earlier rejected..!

And what do you think, did she take this motherless pup back??? Ofcourse she did!! 🙂 And that is what made me SOOOOO happy! 🙂


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