The world seems like a happier place when..(Day 4)

So I finally managed to convince my ‘pleasantly plump’ husband, to hit the gym. He agreed, but on one condition- That I was supposed to gym with him! I..whos been eating like crazy ever since I remember , in hopes of GAINING weight (yes, I LOVE my mum and dad for their genes 🙂 )

Had I started writing this post on 1st Jan, I would DEFINITELY have written about my story of 4 years of convincing him to hit the gym FINALLY culminating! And that surely would be my LONGEST post ever! But that was on 1st Jan..his new year resolution. What I write today is about a sweet and caring this he did while IN the gym.

So since I tend to lose weight super easily, I gym for only 30 min (ya I know..seems like a dream for many.. 😉 ) He on the other hand is required to gym for 2 hours. So recently I reach the gym late, so I don’t have to wait for him to finish gyming in the end.

Now we both have separate entry cards without which you are forbidden to enter the gym. And since I have these nice hot slacks that I wear to my gym, which OBVIOUSLY  don’t have pockets, I enter and put my card in his pockets, so I don’t lose it. And yes EVER SINGLE DAY I forget to collect it back from him after gym.

As a result, the other day I had to unlock his locker, open his gym back, and fumble for a good 5-7min, before I found the keys. No I did not complain..I knew the fault was mine..I just COMMENTED.. a passing comment : ‘Man! Did I take some time looking for my card in your bag today!’ Thats it! This is ALL I said.

The sweetheart that he is, this is what I saw when I opened the locker the next day (after AGAIN forgetting to take my entry card from him)

Yes, he strategically arranged the bag in a way so that as soon as I opened the bag, I saw my card!

The gym entry card..thoughtfully placed so I could see it as soon as I opened the locker!

The gym entry card..thoughtfully placed so I could see it as soon as I opened the locker!

 I know its a small thing..but not small enough to make me feel happy..As they say- ‘Little things matter much’! ❤ ❤


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