Flip- The new pizzeria in town

My first encounter with Flip was a year back, when, in one of the weekend hats outside Select City Walk, there was a charity fair, and 2-3 people (a couple and their helper I think) we selling some really economical stuff..pasta i think..not sure, but all I remember was that at the price I paid, it tasted SO good, that I actually took their card..(something I rarely do), and learnt that they had started operations in Gurgaon. Since then I had it in my mind to go there again, whenever i was in Gurgaon.

Turned out they have expanded exponentially within an year itself! After all, talent and taste are quick to get visibility, when due πŸ™‚

So I was pleasantly surprised to see Flip Pizzeria open up in DLF Promenade food court , and instantly ordered a pizza, even though my tummy was quite full already.

Flip @ Promenade Food Court

Flip @ Promenade Food Court

Well my complain with the Dominos and Pizza Huts of the world is that if you order a veggie pizza, where exactly are the veggies!!?? Like barely 2 small slices of capsicium , 2 of onion, 2 of tomato, and that’s your so called ‘veggie burst’ pizza. Flip charged INR 180 (without tax) for a 7″ pizza and 300 for the larger size (12′), and man it was loaded! Capsicum+sweetcorn+onions+mushrooms+sun dried tomatoes(on request for no charge!)

I was so tempted to eat the pizza, I couldn’t take a click..gobbled it up in a matter of minutes 😦 But I took a pic of their pizza box instead! πŸ˜‰ Since it was quite interesting.


Another thing I particularly liked was that the guy at the counter was very sweet and courteous (a rarity these days! )

Must try! Especially for the price you pay, you cant get anything better..at least not in Promenade Mall!


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