_DSC0166 I am a Delhi based girl who loves to travel and explore the world.

Coming from a typical middle class family who simply never seemed to have enough money to enjoy the leisure of travel, it was always my dream to travel the world! I started working only 2.5 years back (in 2011) and as soon as I paid off my enormous education loan (paid it off in 2013..yayyy!!) I began to travel! And travel like crazy..If I am not packing my bags at least once in 3 months, then my friends ask me if something is wrong with me ;). Whats more, I am blessed with a husband who is as crazy as I am about our experiencing life in different parts of the world.

  The reason I started this blog was for my friends. People saw my travel pics on Facebook, my updates, my experiences..and they started calling me and my husband to plan their itinerary. Word of mouth spread and people started doing EXACTLY what we did on our trips…it was crazy. So many even changed their honeymoon destinations after listening about our experiences! 🙂 And when we got fed up of repeating the same story a zillion time, I thought of writing up a blog about the same…so next time someone asks me about any of our trips, I can simply guide them to this blog! 🙂

We just started working, and aren’t exactly the richest people on planet earth..So if we want to travel as frequently as we do, we need to balance our luxuries, with some budget aspects. This blog hence focuses a lot on budget aspects of your trips. And yes! We are animal lovers..and vegetarians..So a lot of that too in my posts..

While I have just started writing my travel stories, I realize I have so much more to share..little things that make me happy everyday, my crazy work-life, experiences of the foodie in me, my sense of style..and so much more..So you’ll get to read a lot of random stuff, which will be all over the place (literally!) in this blog

So happy reading. And since I am just starting my journey as a blogger, do provide me your feedback a supriya.mimani@gmail.com. 


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