Flip- The new pizzeria in town

My first encounter with Flip was a year back, when, in one of the weekend hats outside Select City Walk, there was a charity fair, and 2-3 people (a couple and their helper I think) we selling some really economical stuff..pasta i think..not sure, but all I remember was that at the price I paid, it tasted SO good, that I actually took their card..(something I rarely do), and learnt that they had started operations in Gurgaon. Since then I had it in my mind to go there again, whenever i was in Gurgaon.

Turned out they have expanded exponentially within an year itself! After all, talent and taste are quick to get visibility, when due πŸ™‚

So I was pleasantly surprised to see Flip Pizzeria open up in DLF Promenade food court , and instantly ordered a pizza, even though my tummy was quite full already.

Flip @ Promenade Food Court

Flip @ Promenade Food Court

Well my complain with the Dominos and Pizza Huts of the world is that if you order a veggie pizza, where exactly are the veggies!!?? Like barely 2 small slices of capsicium , 2 of onion, 2 of tomato, and that’s your so called ‘veggie burst’ pizza. Flip charged INR 180 (without tax) for a 7″ pizza and 300 for the larger size (12′), and man it was loaded! Capsicum+sweetcorn+onions+mushrooms+sun dried tomatoes(on request for no charge!)

I was so tempted to eat the pizza, I couldn’t take a click..gobbled it up in a matter of minutes 😦 But I took a pic of their pizza box instead! πŸ˜‰ Since it was quite interesting.


Another thing I particularly liked was that the guy at the counter was very sweet and courteous (a rarity these days! )

Must try! Especially for the price you pay, you cant get anything better..at least not in Promenade Mall!


3 Days of Gorging on Yummy Food at Kolkata

I am a Delhi girl..Delhities know for ‘living to eat’; a place where people come from world over…TO EAT! But I went to Kolkata..for exactly the same reason! πŸ™‚


Kolkata..the erstwhile capital of British India, the land of yellow taxis, where everyone has an opinion on the local politics, where people are CRAZY about football (and not cricket!), the land of durga puja, and bong beauties in red and white saris, where strikes take place at the drop of a hat, and where you can find something to eat (mostly chaat- indian fast food), at every nook and corner of any street (well I kinda feel the same about Mumbai too.. πŸ™‚ ), and one of the only places in India, where you can still travel in the super slow, but super fun Trams!

Kolkata Trams

Kolkata Trams

A devout worshiping Maa Kali

A devout worshiping Maa Kali


The Howrah Bridge

The Howrah Bridge


If you want to see what India looked like during the British Raj, Kolkata is the place to go to. A lot of the architecture laid by the British is still maintained by the Kolkata authorities, hence you get to see a great blend of the past and the present, an old world charm along with the hustle and bustle of one of the biggest metros in India.

The best time to visit Kolkata is during the Durga Puja (generally around September), for the crazy 6 day long festivities in the air, and the b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l pandals (makeshift structures made to incorporate fairs, wherein locals gather to praise Lord Maa Durga, and eat and enjoy together). I however, had gone to meet my grandparents

My super adorable grandparents :)

My super adorable grandparents πŸ™‚

A surprise visit to my grandparents, hence a supposedly 'plain' lunch that they had to offer me :)

A surprise visit to my grandparents, hence a supposedly ‘plain’ lunch that they had to offer me πŸ™‚

Kolkata can be easily divided into two parts:

Part 1 is more like the Old Kolkata- with areas like Burra Bazaar,with a zillion people, bustling through open shops, which hardly have place for anyone except the shopkeeper to stand in. People here stay in joint families (with easily over 15-20 members per family..mine has 200 members, including all of my distant aunts and uncles staying under one roof!! :p )

Views of my paternal house in Kolkata

Views of my 5 storey paternal house in Kolkata, known as the ‘Mimani House’, shared by around 200 of my relatives!


Views of my paternal house

An old man..unfazed by the hustle bustle around him..concentrating on a game of cards..

An old man..unfazed by the hustle bustle around him..concentrating on a game of cards..

Must eat at Burra Bazaar:

  • Chaat..you’ll get some of the BEST chaat in Kolkata in Burra Bazaar
  • Ghoogni chaat (made of boiled chick peas)
  • Puchkas (the Kolkata version of Gol gappas/pani puri..and after 3 days of eating puckas EVERYWHERE you stop, you’ll easily be able to tell the difference between the Puchkas of Park Street v/s that of Burra Bazaar v/s that of Salt Lake :p )
  • Churmur ( a concoction of different types of chips)
  • Jhalmudi- a spicy chaat made of puffed rice
  • The gud rasagullas!!! (mouth watering!!..no not the white ones..these ones are BROWN in colour..they are made out of jaggery and not sugar, hence less sweet and more tasty..Dont EVER buy packed rasagullas when in Kolkata..eat them fresh..cause the BEST thing about the fresh Β Kolkata rasagullas are that they simply melt in your mouth..you just don’t need to even chew them!)
  • Mishti Doi- The fresh sweet curd (again…DO NOT have the packed version..eat it fresh!)
The boys..enjoying the Puchkas at Burra Bazaar

The boys..enjoying the Puchkas at Burra Bazaar

Part 2: This one is the more modern part of Kolkata, including Park Street, Slat Lake etc. Park Street is easily one of my favorite hang out places in Kolkata, especially at night. Some really great places to eat, including some really old and popular ones like Flurry’s & Moulin Rouge. I particularly loved the food and ambiance at Mocambo restaurant.


But there is more to Park Street than high end fine dining restaurants. It should be your choice of stay, as it is quite centrally located in Kolkata, with easy access to the metro and cabs. Also in and around park street, near wood street crossing, you’ll find some of the most amazing chaat, and with the local young crowd gathering here at night, the place has Β a lovely energetic vibe to it.

Must eat at Park Street:

  • Breakfast at Flurry’s
  • Doodh pepsi (Milk + Pepsi..ok, I know this sounds yuck, but you have to taste it to believe that its actually quite nice!) right next to the Gurudwara in Park Street
  • The Kulfis near wood street crossing (try the various flavours..mango, orange, chikoo, sitaphal……. ok! so how many times will my mouth water while writing this post!! 😑 Β πŸ˜‰ )
  • The local pan! (right in front of the people selling kulfi..can remember the name of the shop 😦 )
  • Dinner at Mocambo
The Kulfis- A must try at Park Street

The Kulfis- A must try at Park Street

Preparing chaat..at Park Street

Preparing chaat..at Park Street

Another place wherein I loved for the chat was the Lake. There is a group of few chaat walaas near the Lake who are simply amazing, so much so, that despite is being a significant distance away, I actually went there a second time with an empty stomach ONLY to eat all the chaat all over again!!

There is so much more to write about this fascinating city..when I went there, I had never thought I’d write a post about Kolkata (hence apologies for not remembering the exact names of streets/places to eat at)..but I am going there again, this time to enjoy the city during its festive mood..during Durga Puja.. πŸ™‚